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Fiziologichnyi Zhurnal

is a scientific journal issued by the

Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Editor-in-chief: V.F. Sagach

The journal was founded in 1955 as
1955 – 1977 "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 0015 – 3311)
1978 – 1993 "Fiziologicheskii zhurnal" (ISSN 0201 – 8489)
1994 – 2016 "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 0201 – 8489)
2017 – "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 2522-9028)

Fiziol. Zh. 2013; 59(1): 47-55

Modulation of the effects of dexamethasone in rat skeletal muscle by testosterone

Trush VV, Soboliev VI

    Donetsk National University, Donetsk, Ukraine


In experiments on young females white rats by means of methods of electromyography and ergography we investigated the efficiency of a testosterone-propionate for smoothing of negative effects of dexamethasone on skeletal muscle. It has been established that the chronic injection of dexamethasone causes the decreasing of amplitude of contraction of forward tibial muscle on 29.7-59.3% (after 5-25 injections) and the lengthening of the latent period of muscle's excitation on 18.5-16.5% (after 15-25 injections), whereas the complex application of testosterone and dexamethasone prevents the changing of these parameters. At the same time testosterone didn't provide the smoothing of negative influence of dexamethasone on muscle's resistance to fatigue development.

Keywords: dexamethasone, testosterone, skeletal muscle,solitary muscle’s contraction.


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