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Fiziol. Zh. 2012; 58(6): 81-88

Study of corvitin efficiency in primary glaucoma

Mykheĭtseva IM, Kashyntseva LT, Artemov OV, Khramenko NI

    V.P. Filatov Institute of eye diseases and tissue therapy of NAMS of Ukraine, Odessa, Ukraine


There were concluded our results of animal experimental investigation and clinical observation of the quercetin-containing preparation corvitin (C) in primary glaucoma treatment. On the model of disease it is shown for rabbit, that introduction of 0.5 ml 2 % C as factious instillation into the eye a basely decreased eye blood fow was increased twice, mionectic at glaucoma eye hydrodynamics was normalized : the outfow of liquid increased on 58 %, infow - on 52 %, intraocular pressure went down on 14 %. Intravenous infowing of C brought down expressed of oxidative stress – МДА in blood is decreased on 40 %, level of endothelial dysfunction marker NO is increased on 70 %. On the model of glaucoma for rats C, entered protractedly, showed the neuroprotective actions on the neurons of retina, promoting survivability of ganglion cells, that it is shown on histological preparations. Application C in the clinic of glaucoma (intravenously a 0.5 g of preparation in 100 ml of solution) improved for patients a blood supply in the eye on 25 %, and also rendered a positive antioxidant and metabolic effect. Noted positive infuences of C concurrently to important pathogeneses factors such as regional eye blood supply, eye hydrodynamics, oxidative stress, metabolic changes, survival of retina neurons grounds to talk about new strategy of pathogenesis therapy of glaucoma.

Keywords: glaucoma, corvitin, quercetin, eye blood supply,neuroprotection, oxidative stress, nitric oxide.


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