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Fiziol. Zh. 2012; 58(5): 14-21

The polymorphism of matrix Gla-protein gene in ischemic atherothrombotic stroke patients

Harbuzova VIu, Matlaĭ OI, Ataman IuO, Dubovyk IeI, Borodenko AO, Obukhova OA, Ataman OV

    Sumy State University, Ukraine


Matrix Gla protein (MGP) gene allelic polymorphism in 170 patients with ischemic atherothrombotic stroke (IATS) and in 124 healthy people was determined. It was shown that in patients with IATS interrelation of main homozygotes, heterozygotes and minor homozygotes is 61,2, 31,2, 7,6% for T-138 -> C (rs1800802) promoter polymorphism (in control – 59,7, 35,6, 4,8%, P=0,521 by x2-test); 35,9, 48,8, 15,3% for G-7 -> A (rs1800801) polymorphism of promotor (in control – 43,5, 50,0, 6,5%, P=0,051); 39,4, 48,8, 11,8% for Thr83 -> Ala (rs4236) polymorphism of 4 exon (in control – 34,7, 53,2, 12,1%, P=0,701). Signifcant differences in the frequency of G-7 -> A polymorphism between patients with IATS and control group were revealed only for women (P=0.022). The results obtained suggest that the A/A-variant of MGP gene promotor (G-7 -> A polymorphism) is associated with an increased risk of IATS in female persons in the Ukrainian population.

Keywords: matrix Gla protein, gene polymorphism, ischemicstroke.


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