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Fiziol. Zh. 2011; 57(6): 71-79

Effect of sodium succinate on oxidative stress in erythrocytes during physical loading

Hunina LM

    Science Institute of National University of Physical Education and Sport of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine


On the basis of model experiments in vitro with application of sodium succinate which is the basic constituent of dietary supplementation “YantarIn-Sport”, possibility of correction of the structurally-functional state of red blood cell mem­branes is well-proven. It is show that prooxidative-antioxidative balance in washed erythrocytes is normalized with the accumulation of recovered glutathione from 2,34 to 3,12 10-12 mM in one erythrocyte, and their sorption ability (from 35,6 to 27,1 % as well as red blood cells permeability (from 4,61 to 3,98 conditional units) are decreased. In vivo research the posi­tive influence of sodium succinate on descriptions of red blood cells of skilled sportsmen is confirmed, that is founding for application of succinic acid derivatives with the purpose of sporting anaemia’ warning as well as improvement of microcirculation processes and increase of speed blood flow.

Keywords: sodium succinate, erythrocyte membranes, oxida-tive stress, physical loading, sporting anaemia, dietary supple-ment “YantarIn-Sport”


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