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Fiziol. Zh. 2011; 57(4): 46-56

The endothelium-derived hyperpolarization factor as a reserve defence mechanism of vasodilatation under conditions of ionizing radiation

Ivanova IV, Kyslova OV, Solovĭov AI

    Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine


The goal of this study was to determine the cellular mecha­nisms of vascular endothelial dysfunction in rats irradiated with Y-rays. Acetylcholine (Ach)-induced relaxation of rat tho­racic aorta rings was measured as a test of endothelial integrity and function. The data obtained allow suggest that endothelial function is impaired in aorta from g-irradiated rats mainly due to the loss of EDRF/NO-dependent, but not EDHF-dependent relaxation. It has been shown that г-irradiation reduced the Ach-induced NO-release measured as nitrite anion content. Experiments on isolated rat aortic smooth muscle cells using whole-cell patch clamp technique demonstrated that irradiation led to a significant decrease in outward potassium currents. However, Y-ray irradiation was without effect on K+-current carried through apamine-sensitive channels while the current through charybdotoxin-sensitive channels was increased as compared to cells from control animals. The data suggest that EDHF is resistant to ionized radiation and may constitute a crucial reserve mechanism for maintenance of blood flow un­der radiation. Therefore, it is likely that the subsequent stud­ies related to EDHF identification will be important for new drugs development and targeted pharmacological intervention at endothelium dysfunction in case of radiation impact.

Keywords: endothelium-derived hyperpolarizing factor, ni-Ендотелійзалежний фактор гіперполяризаціїISSN 0201-8489 Фізіол. журн., 2011, Т. 57, № 4 55tric oxide, endothelium, potassium channels, smooth musclecells, irradiation


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