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The journal was founded in 1955 as
1955 – 1977 "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 0015 – 3311)
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Fiziol. Zh. 2011; 57(4): 21-33

Comparison of the effects of menthol and ilicin on the kcl- and agonist-inducedcontraction of the smooth muscles strips of the vas deferens of normal and castrated rats

I.A.vladimirova, I.B. Phylippov, E.M. Kulieva, A. Jurkiewicz, R. Skryma, P. Prevarskaya,Y.M. Shuba.

    Ін-т фізіології ім. О.О. Богомольця НАН України, Київ;Міжнарод. центр молекуляр. фізіології НАН України, Київ;Держ. мед. ун-т Сан Пауло, Бразилія;Лільськ. ун-т наук і технологій, Франція


Non-specific TRPM8 agonist menthol was shown to inhibit voltage- and agonist-evoked contractions of the smooth muscle (SM) of rat vas deferens. Here we compared the action of menthol with the action of more specific TRPM8 agonist icilin on depolarization-(60 mM KC1), carbachol-(CCh) and noradrenalin-(Nor)-evoked contractions of the SM strips from the prostatic and epididymal portions of the vas deferens of normal and castrated (60-137 days) rats. Inhibitory action of menthol (100 uM) and icilin (10 uM) on the amplitude of KCl-, CCh- and Nor-induced contractions of normal as well as castrated rats was similar consisting about 50%, despite castration per se strongly potentiated CCh- and Nor-evoked contractions compared to the control animals. In the epididy­mal portion of the control animals menthol suppressed KCl- and CCh-evoked contractions by 46±5% and 32±3% and icilin by only 14±4% and 6±7%, respectively, whilst after castration both compounds became virtually ineffective. Considering that TRPM8 may localize in the sarcolemma and sarcoplasmic reticulum (SR) membrane and that menthol can also block voltage-gated calcium channels (VGCCs), our data indicate that in the prostatic portion TRPM8 modulates contractility by primarily decreasing the SR Ca2+ stores content, whilst in the epididymal one by both decreasing the SR filling and sup­porting Ca2+ entry. Drop in the circulation androgens as a result of castration changes the menthol- and icilin-mediated modulation of the rat vas deferens SM contractility via the decrease of the expression of L-type VGCCs and increase of the expression of TRPM8.

Keywords: vas deferens, гладкие мышцы, TRPM8,ментол, исилин, норадреналин, карбахолин, кастрация.


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