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The journal was founded in 1955 as
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Fiziol. Zh. 2011; 57(2): 27-34

Effect of chronic stress during puberty on reproductivesystem of female rats with experimental hyperandrogenicity

N.D. Nosenko, I.yU. Ganzhiy, P.V. Sinitsyn L.I. Polyakova, L.V. Tarasenko, A.A. Limareva, L.V. Chaikovskaya, A.G. Reznikov

  1. V.P. Komissarenko Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism,Ukraine
  2. National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
  3. Zaporozhye State Medical Academy for Postgraduate Education, Zaporozhye, Ukraine


Effects of chronic stress (daily 30-min immobilization) on 35-45 days of life and its combination with androgenization (implantation of testosterone-containing capsules on 33rd day of life) on reproductive system of 2.5 month old female rats were studied. The term of sexual maturation, estrous cycles regularity and structure, blood plasma levels of testosterone, progesterone and androstenedione as well as ovarian histology were examined. Androgenization resulted in the blood plasma testosterone level increase and the androstenedione level de­crease, development of oligo- or anovulatory condition characterized by disorders or discontinuation in estrous cyclicity. We also detected abrupt reduction or absence of postovulatory luteal bodies, cysts formation and ovarian in­terstitial tissue overgrowth. All experimental animals had nor­mal blood plasma corticosterone level. Stressed rats had no considerable changes in reproductive system except of some cyclicity disorders. Stressed against androgenization rats dem­onstrated delayed pubescence, an increased number of ovarian cysts along with attenuation of androgenization-caused nega­tive effects on the sexual cyclicity.

Keywords: chronic stress, hyperandrogenia, puberty,reproductive system, female rats


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