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Fiziol. Zh. 2011; 57(1): 72-81

Disorders of uric acid metabolism in rats with fructose-induced experimental insulin resistance syndrome

Shuprovych AA, Hurina NM, Korpacheva-Zinych OV

    State Institution V.P. Komissarenko Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism of National Àñademy of Medical Sciences, Kyiv, Ukraine


Consumption of dietary fructose has been recently suggested to be one of the environmental factors contributing to develop­ment of obesity and accompanying abnormalities of the insulin resistance syndrome (IRS). IRS was induced in rats by adding 10% fructose to drinking water. Within 8 wk insulin resistance, carbohydrate metabolism disorder, weight gain, hyper-trigyceridemia and hyperuricemia were developed. The signs of IRS were more pronounced in male than in female rats. An increase of uric acid (UA) daily excretion was revealed only in males, suggesting a hyperproductoin of UA. There was not significant disorder of kidney filtration, although an increase of UA clearance was revealed due to enhanced kidney urate reabsorbtion which may be connected to the hypouricosuric action of insulin but not the testosterone level changes. It was first revealed an increased activity of enzymes catalyzing early stages of purine catabolism (5'-nucleotidase and adeno-sindesaminase) in liver homogenate. Activity of enzyme of purine reutilisatoin (hypoxantin-guanine-phosphoribosil trans­ferase) was found increased that may have a compensatory significance under conditions of increased purine degradation.

Keywords: uric acid, insulin resistance syndrome, fructosediet, rats, purine degradation enzymes.


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