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Fiziol. Zh. 2009; 55(5): 17-27

Expression of the cold receptor trpm8 in the smoothmuscles o the rat

O.I. Boldyryev, H.V. Sotkis, E. M. Kulieva, I. A. Vadimirova, I.B. Phylippov, R Skryma,N. Prevarskaya, IA.M. Shuba

    Ін-т фізіології ім. О.О. Богомольця НАН України, Київ;Міжнарод. Центр молекуляр. фізіології НАН України, Київ;Лільськ. ун-т наук і технологій, Франція


By means of real-time RT-PCR and immunofluorscent stain­ing combined with confocal microscopy we show for the first time the expression of mRNA and protein of the cold/menthol-sensitive cationic channel, TRPM8, in the smooth muscle cells (SMC) from the epididimal and prostatic portions of the rat vas deferens. Expression of TRPM8 mRNA correlated with the expression of mRNA for androgen receptor (AR): orchidec-tomy of the animals resulted in the enhancement of the expres­sion of both mRNAs, which likely reflects specific for the vas deferens compensatory response to the decreasing levels of circulating androgens. TRPM8 protein in the SMC from both parts of the vas deferens primarily localized outside the plasma membrane (PM), however, in the SMC from prostatic portion we observed higher TRPM8 protein targeting specifically to the endoplasmic reticulum and PM, where it can form func­tional cold/menthol-sensitive cationic channel capable of modu­lating contractile activity of the smooth muscle.


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