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Fiziologichnyi Zhurnal

is a scientific journal issued by the

Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Editor-in-chief: V.F. Sagach

The journal was founded in 1955 as
1955 – 1977 "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 0015 – 3311)
1978 – 1993 "Fiziologicheskii zhurnal" (ISSN 0201 – 8489)
1994 – 2016 "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 0201 – 8489)
2017 – "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 2522-9028)

Fiziol. Zh. 2022; 68(5): 33-44


T.B.Synelnyk1, O.O.Kravchenko1, O.S. Kostiuk1, O.M.Savchuk1, S.A. Sukhodolia2, L.I. Ostapchenko1

  1. Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Educational and Scientific Centre “Institute of Biology and Medicine”, Ukraine
  2. National Pirogov Memorial Medical University of Vinnytsya, Ukraine


The content of the plasminogen activation system components (plasminogen, plasminogen tissue activator, and its inhibitor PAI-1) was investigated as well as the concentration of thrombomodulin, protein C, matrix metalproteinases (MMP -1, -2, -3, -8, -9, -10) and their inhibitor TIMP, growth factors content (such as transforming growth factor-β1, insulin-like growth factor-1, fibroblasts growth factor-2) and cytokine profile (interleukines IL-1β, -4, -6, -8, -10, tumor necrosis factor, interferon-γ in patients with chronic pancreatitis (CP) and pancreatic cancer (PC) were established. Khmelnitsky Regional Clinical Hospital patients aged 28-89 were selected for this study: 20 people with chronic pancreatitis (group CP); 20 people with pancreatic cancer (group PC); 20 conditionally healthy persons (control). Blood plasma samples and pancreatic tissue homogenates were obtained from all the patients. The studied indicators’ content in the experimental materials was determined by the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using appropriate antibodies. At the level of systemic circulation, a statistically significant increase was found in most of the studied parameters under the CP conditions. However, PC was characterized by an increase of two blood plasma indications only (thrombomodulin and protein C). In contrast, the pancreatic sample tissue examination for both aforementioned pathologies revealed significant changes in the content of most metalloproteinases and cytokines under PC. This indicates the development of metastasis, angiogenesis, and immunomodulation-aimed local biochemical processes in the affected organ.

Keywords: chronic pancreatitis; pancreatic cancer; matrix metalloproteinases; cytokines; plasminogen; growth factors.


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