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2017 – "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 2522-9028)

Fiziol. Zh. 2019; 65(2): 68-75

Cholesterol-rich diet induced improvement of hemodynamic system indices in SHR

G.V. Portnichenko, S.V. Goncharov, D.O. Stroy, V.E. Dosenko

    Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology, NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine


Metabolic syndrome is the nowadays problem that arose as a result of changes in lifestyle and diet. Several of the key factors of this disorder are lipid metabolism disturbances and hypertension. However, there is little known about combined influence of this factors and their contribution to the functional changes. This work is aimed to elucidate the effects of cholesterol-rich diet on major hemodynamic indices and lipid metabolism in SHR rats. The experiments were performed in 6-month old Wistar and SHR rats. Animals were fed for 8 weeks with enriched by cholesterol (3% w/w, Sigma) standard rodent rations. Cardiohemodynamics measured in vivo by Pressure-sensitive microcatheter 2F (“Millar Instruments”, USA) introduced into left ventricle. Blood cholesterol profile was measured biochemically. The obtained data, paradoxically, signified that unlike the Wistar rats in SHR the major heart function parameters like Ejection fraction (31% increase), Stroke Volume (72% increase), Cardiac Output (69% increase) etc. improved after cholesterol diet. And at the same time SHR were more resistant to changes in blood lipid composition – they kept the same level of HDL and reached 46% lower LDL level than Wistar rats. Thus, chronic arterial hypertension reduces the sensitivity of rats to exogenous cholesterol. Combined influence of cholesterol and hypertension protects heart function in comparison to normotensive rats.

Keywords: hypertension; lipid metabolism; cholesterol diet; cardiohemodynamics; spontaneously hypertensive rats.


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