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Fiziologichnyi Zhurnal

is a scientific journal issued by the

Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Editor-in-chief: V.F. Sagach

The journal was founded in 1955 as
1955 – 1977 "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 0015 – 3311)
1978 – 1993 "Fiziologicheskii zhurnal" (ISSN 0201 – 8489)
1994 – 2016 "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 0201 – 8489)
2017 – "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 2522-9028)

Fiziol. Zh. 2018; 64(2): 65-70


V.O. Trokoz1, A.V. Trokoz1, V.F. Radchikov2, M.M. Broshkov3

  1. National University of Life and Environmental Science of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
  2. Republican Unitary Enterprise «Scientific and Practical Center of the National Academy of Science of Belarus for Animal Breeding», Zhodino, Belarus
  3. Odessa National Medical University, Ukraine


The results of changes in clinical, hematological, biochemical and productivity values of pigs under the influence of Antheraea pernyi chrysalis hydrophilic extract have been researched. Animals from control group have been injected one subcutaneous portion of isotonic saline (NaCl 0.9 %) in dose of 0.1 ml/kg. The animals from experimental group have gotten the same scheme of native Antheraea pernyi chrysalis hydrophilic extract. Surveillance of basic physiological values (body temperature, heart and breathing rate) has been provided after 1, 2, 5 hours and 1 and 10 days after injections of above medications. Before supplementation of drugs and after one and ten days RBCs count, WBCs count, Hb, total protein and its fractions in blood serum have been investigated as well as color index of blood, MCV, MCH and protein coefficient have been determined. It is determined that physiological influence of Antheraea pernyi chrysalis hydrophilic extract to domestic animals organism consists in stimulation of hemopoesis (increase of Hb levels in blood), protein synthesis (increase of total blood serum protein, particularly by increasing of γ-globulins) that have positive impact on body weight growth. Furthermore, extract injected to animals did not provoke any unpleasant sequels such as cardiac-vascular and respiratory reactions or pyrogenic effect.

Keywords: reactivity; productivity; Antheraea pernyi chrysalis hydrophilic extract; pig’s


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