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Fiziologichnyi Zhurnal

is a scientific journal issued by the

Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology
National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Editor-in-chief: V.F. Sagach

The journal was founded in 1955 as
1955 – 1977 "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 0015 – 3311)
1978 – 1993 "Fiziologicheskii zhurnal" (ISSN 0201 – 8489)
1994 – 2016 "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 0201 – 8489)
2017 – "Fiziolohichnyi zhurnal" (ISSN 2522-9028)

Fiziol. Zh. 1999; 45(1-2): 64-71

The modulating effect of endothelial relaxing factor on the reactivity of the myocardium and of arterial vascular strips

Zhukova AV

    A. A. Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology, NAS, Ukraine


Under successive coperfusion of the arterial vascular rings and right atrial trabecula an examination of effects of endothelium-derived NO on reactions of vessel and myocardial trabecula recipient has been done. During arterial rings contraction a relaxing factor was released into solution. By means of chemical de-endothelialization, NO-synthase inhibition and L-arginine the role of endothelium as a source of modulated substances and the role of NO as a main dilated substance for recipient preparations were shown. The direct effect of endothelium-derived NO on a tension and reactivity of myocardial trabecula has been demonstrated.


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